What is Mastering?

Whatever your music needs, that’s what we do. No shortcuts. No compromises.

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Mastering is the last chance to make changes to your mixes before your music is sent to be pressed onto CD or released as a download.

It’s an opportunity for an experienced engineer (who is fresh to your project) to evaluate your mixes in an acoustically accurate room, with a high quality monitoring system.

The equipment used in mastering is often highly customised as off-the-shelf gear doesn’t always meet the high standards needed for mastering.


At Rimshot we have a wide range of unique tools and techniques to bring the best out of your mix, including a valve console originally built by Decca; hand built valve EQs and valve limiters from Decca and Esoteric Audio Research; solid state EQs and compressors from SSL and Decca.

Digital conversion is done through an exceptionally high quality Burl B2 Bomber ADC, of which Rimshot was the first studio in the UK to acquire.

Add in Rimshot’s engineer Mike Thorne, and all this means that your finished masters will sound great on all kinds of playback systems and in many different environments.


Some of the techniques we use include ...

... performing a crystal clear, delicate transfer from tape of a mix that already sounds great,

... surgically tweaking a mix using EQ and multi-band compression to mitigate for acoustic deficiencies in the mixing studio’s control room,

... recording a mix to our valve half-inch reel-to-reel to give it some Mojo,

... using Mid-Side processing to make a vocal or bass sound more prominent,

... doing nothing! If a mix doesn’t need additional processing then we won’t mess with it!

Likewise, if we think the options for helping a mix are limited, we’ll tell you, before doing any work at your expense. Then it’s your decision whether to proceed.

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