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Decca patchThe Decca was restored between December 2005 and December 2008 by the dynamic duo of Kevin van Green and Tim de Paravicini.

As anyone who’s worked with us knows – we’re not interested in doing anything half-assed. It’s gotta be great. The same can definitely be said for Kev and Tim!

Restoring a vintage mixing console is a laborious, time-consuming process, if done properly. Restoring the Decca is even more so; the console had to be reverse engineered by Tim and Kevin in order to draw up the necessary circuit diagrams.

Although in terrible cosmetic condition when we acquired it, the insides of the Decca were pretty much complete. Where things were missing, Kevin and Tim designed and fabricated replacements.

In addition to a full recap (replacing all the old capacitors), the restoration included (where needed): new valve bases; cleaning all the valve pins; vintage NOS valves; new transformers (hand-wound by Tim); the wiring harness' were cleaned, tested and repaired; new custom meters from Sifam with the original Decca scale; replacement NOS quadrant faders; new control knobs custom-machined out of aluminium (copied from the Decca originals – many of the bakelite knobs had to be removed in order to clean the switches); the chassis stripped, repainted and silk screened...the list goes on...and on... :-)

A comprehensive patch-bay was designed and built by Kevin.

Final installation, took place in December 2008.

Although the project took three long years, it was worth the wait – the Decca sounds awesome.

  • sad view of the Decca
  • sad view of the racks
  • patchbay

the Decca at Tim'sthe Decca at Tim's