Mastering Service

Where possible, we encourage you to attend your album mastering session. If you’re not local, or prefer not to attend, we ask that you be contactable on the day of the session in case we have any questions.

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What do we do?

Rimshot’s Mastering service includes EQing your mixes, applying any compression or limiting needed along with any other processing necessary.

It also includes sequencing your album, creating fades, adjusting the time gaps between mixes, adjusting the relative levels of mixes so they “sit” well next to each other and adding ISRC codes and CD text.

At the end of the session we provide you with a reference audio CD. If you were unable to attend, we will send you a reference audio file (sent as a DDP file - you can download our DDP player software here) so that you can listen to your album on your computer or burn off your own reference CD.

Once we have received final approval from you that all is well and we are both satisfied, we will deliver your album to your manufacturer as a DDP file (the most reliable delivery format as it includes error checking) via secure FTP.

If you prefer a CDR production master we will provide one. We have to make a small additional fee for this as there is a time element involved - the production master CD has to be quality checked on headphones to ensure there were no errors introduced in the burning process.

How it works - Mastering

  1. gain ampRead our Mastering FAQ
    This explains how you can help us help you - labelling files, the files types and tape formats we work with and help with ISRC codes.
  2. Call us ...
    ... to discuss your project and check availability - We’re usually booking a couple of weeks ahead but this changes all the time.
  3. Book your session
    Fill in the Mastering booking form. We will contact you to collect payment details for your 50% deposit - we accept credit cards, bank transfers or Paypal. If you are attending, the balance is due on the day of your session. If you are not attending it’s due a couple of days before your session. We regret we are unable to release any Masters until payment has been received in full.
  4. Send us your mixes
    Upload your files here. Alternatively, send us a DVD or CD in the post. For safety, we recommend analogue tapes are couriered. We like to have your files or tapes a couple of days before your session so we can save you time on the day by having files pre-loaded onto the computer or the tape machine lined up to your tones.
  5. Decca from above
  6. The Mastering session
    On the day, come into the studio with fresh ears, have a cuppa, then sit back and enjoy the process. This is the culmination of a lot of hard work on your part and you can finally just listen to your music and enjoy! It’s meant to be fun :-) Lunch is on us.
  7. Listen to your masters
    If you’ve attended your Mastering session, you’ll leave with a reference CDR. If you weren’t able to attend, we’ll send you a reference audio file via secure FTP. Have a listen and check everything’s as you want it to be.
  8. A couple of days after your session ...
    ... give us a call and let us know everything’s OK. If there are any revisions, we provide the first set for free, after this, any revisions are made at our hourly rate. Once you’ve approved the Master, we send the DDP files to your manufacturer or, if you prefer, burn a production master CDR and send it directly to you.

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