All of our equipment is lovingly maintained by the excellent Kevin van Green and Tim de Paravicini.

the Decca

Decca patch


The Decca
1960s valve mixing and mastering console

EQs - valve
Decca valve EQ - pair
EAR 825 stereo valve mastering EQ

EQs - solid state
Decca ’67 7-band stereo mastering EQ
SSL AWS 900+ E & G series EQ

Dynamics - valve
Decca valve compressors - pair
EAR 660 valve limiters - pair

Dynamics - solid state
SSL G series stereo compressor
SSL AWS 900+ channel compressors - pair

Conversion & clocking
Burl B2 Bomber
Apogee Big Ben

Studer / EAR C37 valve half inch reel to reel
Dolby SR and A noise reduction

Adam S3-A
Focal Sub 6
Auratone with Leak TL12+ valve amp

Sonoris DDP Creater
Sony Sound Forge
Sony CD Architect
Pro Tools
iZotope plugins

TC M3000 reverb
Lexicon PCM90 reverb
EMT 140 stereo reverb plate